Featured Village Artisan

The Women Of Art Campart.

 In rural Mexico, women often support their families through farming while their husbands and sons search for work in the US. But in the state of Guerrero, which is renowned for silversmithing, women handcraft and sell jewelry as their main source of income. Their designs that incorporate alpaca silver, stones, and colorful resin are their trademark, making them true “artesanas”.

The pieces in the Artisana Collection are all handmade by women working in a Fair Trade cooperative near Taxco, Mexico. Weaving the traditional skills of jewelry making with more “modern” techniques these women are able to produce this amazing line of jewelry.

Fair Trade ensures that they are paid a fair price, and provided with an advance to finance production. They have a long-term sustainable business because they are connected to buyers who are committed to the principles of Fair.