Quality Matters!

Fair Trade Certified products are some of the highest quality goods available on the market. Farming communities around the world are rapidly realizing that quality-not quantity- is directly related to profitability; leading many Fair Trade cooperatives to invest their premium funds in quality control initiatives.

By strengthening their capacity to produce high quality goods these coffee bean farmers are gaining increased market access, strengthening their business capacity and in turn earning higher wages to support the well being of their families and communities. 

On non-food commodities, like textiles, ceramics, and other crafts, that bear the Fair Trade name the following guidelines are set. The Craft artisans follow the below guidelines.

Sustainable Materials:

  • The producer should maximize the use of raw materials from sustainable sources.
  • Materials should be sourced locally when possible.
  • Use of recycled or easily biodegradable materials is encouraged.


  • Production should be done in a manner which does not harm the environment.
  • The organization promotes the use of technology that respects the environment as well as reduces energy consumption, and creates awareness of environmental hazards.

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